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Will Ortiz?s Selfie Be Obama?s Last? - News Local Massachusetts - Boston.com

In actual fact his website business evolved from working in radio with many DJs and artists lokasi and of course a website is indeed a form of broadcasting. Andy has always been successful in his radio shows in engaging his listeners making them well and truly part of the show, its as much about meeting up having Banta in the chat room as it is the music, its this type of engagement thatis one of the most important factors in a website. A website can look as fantastic as you like but if you cant write regular engaging articles then why would people bother to come back. If you are interested in a new website or revamping an old one get in touch with Andy. The radio show will now be monthly on the lastThursday of every month check our schedule page ** please note the first show is on Friday 28th Tune in to the first show to hear Andy reveal the Vocal Booth Weekender 2014 Friday club DJ line-up andhe is sure we are not going to be disappointed, plus all the usual music fun and frolics. Join Andy for the first show Friday 28th 8pm (UK time) on http://pressureradio.com see you in the chat room

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Donde Ir: POR: Redaccion / 03/04/2014 Conocido en el mundo como el doctor Gregory House gracias a la serie Dr. House, donde interpreto a un medico misantropo que cautivo al publico, el actor Hugh Laurie es un artista que desborda talento en varias vertientes del arte. Tal es el caso de la musica, ya que Laurie tiene una banda llamada The Copper Bottom Band, con la cual visitara Mexico el proximo 10 de junio para presentarse en el Auditorio Nacional . En el show, que llega a Mexico por primera vez, Laurie y su banda interpretan clasicos de blues y jazz en los que el musico, escritor y actor se desempena como guitarrista o tecladista y, antes de comenzar cualquier tema, cuenta al publico la historia de la cancion que tocara y por que la eligio para su repertorio. De acuerdo con la critica, el tambien ganador de dos Globos de Oro por su papel como Gregory House, es poseedor de una gran carisma en el escenario, y el show funciona como una especie de taller para quienes quieren adentrarse en el mundo del blues y el jazz. Laurie posee dos discos, Let Them Talk (2011), especializado en el jazz de la region de Nueva Orleans, una de las emblematicas del genero, y Didnt It Rain (2013), con colaboraciones de Gaby Moreno, Jean McClain y el bluesero Taj Mahal.

Well, [Obama] obviously didnt know anything about Samsungs connection to this, he said. And, perhaps, maybe this will be the end of all selfies. But in general, whenever someone tries to use the presidents likeness to promote a product, thats a problem with the White House Counsel Pfeiffer declined to comment on whether the administration would seek legal action over the photograph. Watch the video herethe question about Ortiz begins at the 6:00 mark: While Samsung acknowledges it hired Ortiz as a social media insider and advised him on how to share images from the White House visit with fans, Ortiz insists the photo was spontaneous and not part of a marketing gimmick.

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